A Little Light Music

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The Seagull Shop, 3119 Bristol Rd, New Harbor, ME

So happy to be back for my 15th year at the Seagull shop! Something about this place just never gets old to me. Come join me for dinner and music with the widest view of the ocean you can imagine - right next door to the Pemaquid Lighthouse. This is a place where you'll always hear a lot of my tunes in amongst all our old favorites by James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, etc. And of course I'll be playing banjo for Sally... You're going to want to make reservations, though! Give them a call at (207) 677-2374 and ask for a seat near the music!

The first Tuesday of every month is song swap workshop night at the Thomas Memorial! For over 5 years now, a group of us have been meeting to share songs and hone our craft. Each participant who would like to share brings a song that is in-progress, along with 8-10 printouts of lyrics. We take care to offer feedback that is tailored to the writer's questions, always with an eye toward what the artist is trying to achieve with their work. All are welcome, but we only have time for 6 songs per session so it may be not everyone gets a chance to share every month.