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He tore the gravel up as he parked his Cadillac
Said it was my lucky day, clapped me on the back,
Told me that his company had authorized a proposition
He figured that the cash would mean so much to a man in my position

I ain't much to look at, I don't have much to show
Just this junk shop where I'm selling bikes beside the road
Still I never had no use for these out-of-staters
Who come to buy our neighborhood and then decide we're not their kind of neighbors

They may say it's a price we have to pay
You gotta watch your home divvied up and sold away
­ But I can't stand to see that money waved around
As if everyone and everything's for sale in my home town

I heard he called his lawyers, I heard he called the town
I heard he figured if my bikes were gone I wouldn't hang around
So he bought 'em all from me, threw them on a truck
Paid his money on the nail and drove off laughing, wishing me good luck

The Wall Street Journal and the Prep School Education
Teach you nothing about the landfill and the transfer station
And where the good stuff goes when it gets thrown away
And where I went to pick up fifty old familiar bicycles today