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The Raven in the Apple Tree

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The raven in the apple tree is watching
His voice is like the rattle
of a rusty iron gate
Swinging on its hinges in the wind
Beckoning and welcoming us in

You and I have come from far away
Drawn by quiet murmurings
too steady to ignore
A siren song singing in our bones
Calls us to this place we've never known

You find a thing you somehow know you've
always missed
And then you feel so lost
Ask the raven how it comes to this
The raven says because, because, because
The raven says because, because, because

The wind across the millpond so familiar
As surely as the tolling
of the Baptist chapel bell
Ringing off of cedar tree and stone
Echoes of our history and home


Our little girl runs down the lanes
She skips among the rows and rows and rows
of family names

Apples on the ground beneath the raven
Windfalls of a passing storm
returning to the earth
Gathered on the roots where they were made
In the shadow of their cradle they make their grave