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Blackberry Time

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Lately I've been chasing after little things that always slip away
Living in my calendar and living in my car instead of living in the day
But a wind blew down from Canada this morning
Like a warning shot of cold across my bow
So now I'm out here in my sandals getting bloodied by these brambles
And eating all the berries I'm allowed

Because it's Blackberry Time, Blackberry Time
It's a secret of a season in its prime
When all the world is full and ripe and quickly going by
Then it's Blackberry Time

The air is full of cricket song and hayseed, honeybee and dragonfly
The last full day of summer, baked and cooling on the windowsill
Smells a lot like apple pie
And up beneath the poplar and the birches
At the border where the grass has gone to trees
I've got those stains upon my fingers and an aftertaste that lingers
One part sweet, one part fruit and two parts seed

Blackberry Time

I wish I had a cup to fill to take this harvest home and make it stay
I wish I had that recipe to press it into wine to seal the flavor of the day
Watching from a silver maple's branches there's a catbird, sings a hungry kind of song
He says œbe thankful for the sweet because you know that it don't keep
You just eat what you can eat and move along

When it's Blackberry Time