Morning Cordial Vol. 1 and 2 on the Way!

During the summer of 2020, I released a new music video every weekday morning. I would wake up early and look for comfort in music - grab a guitar, or a banjo, or a cittern, go down to the studio, turn on the camera and the microphones, and sing. I was looking for a way to share a sense of peace and connection while so many of us were feeling isolated and anxious. I decided to call this series The Morning Cordial, and over the next few months I got countless messages from friends and fans, letting me know how much they looked forward to that daily dose of music, and how much it meant to them.

Over that summer I recorded some 125 videos - ranging from my own original songs, to Irish and folk tunes, and classic acoustic covers that I've been singing for over 25 years now. The daily deadlines always made the songs feel live and fresh and connected - even on the recordings where I laid down multiple tracks. 

Looking back at that collection of music, I decided it's time to make these “Daily Acoustic Warmers” available on CD and download in addition to its original video format. I decided early on that I would like to offer a three-record set - Vol. 1 would be a collection of my original tunes - most of which were previously unreleased. Vol. 2 would gather together my Irish and folk tunes - answering the years-long request for an Irish album! And Vol. 3 would gather together my favorite acoustic classics that have been such a big part of my musical life for so long. 

Now the first two Volumes of this collection are (very very close to) done! You can listen to them here and purchase downloads and CDs. And if you'd like to help make Volume 3 a reality, maybe consider becoming an executive producer with me, or sponsoring a song!


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