1. Too Late

From the recording Blackberry Time

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Too Late

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My fault, my bad
I wish I hadn't done it but I have
That's my bad, that's my fault
Here's your opportunity to rub a little salt
I wish it was a thing I could reverse
But since it's not there's nothing to be done but make it worse

Too late, too late, too late to make it right
Too late to make it better with a kiss and say goodnight
No one can deny you've earned the right to blow off steam
So turn that kettle up and let it scream

Your turn, your go
Tell me all the things I should have known
It's your go, it's your turn
Let's make believe there's wisdom in this lesson I can learn
But we both know this one's all over but the shouting
And if you'd rather skip that part, I sure could do without

I used to think I knew the space between us
Come to find out I was wrong
I feel the ground give out beneath my feet
by the time I know I'm slipping I'm already halfway gone

OK, Fine
We've proven we can hold this bitter line
That's just fine, that's OK
Before you turn the light out there's one thing I've got to say
It's so hard for me to lower my defense
Can I say I'm sorry now or have I missed my chance?