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Transistor Radio

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Many years ago
Maybe a hundred, I wouldn't know
My Dad was a boy living by the sea
Sleeping in a room with no TV

Always planning plans
Sharp as a tack and good with his hands
He built it himself and when the lights were low
He'd play that old transistor radio

When the night falls turn the dial
A little baseball for awhile

Dialing in the Sox
Just like a safecracker tumbling locks
Takes a delicate touch shared by thieves and boys
Who need to tune in gold over background noise

The static of the stars
Whistle of Venus, the whisper of Mars
That crackle and hum never twice the same
Sliding in and stealing seconds out of every game

Fifty-seven stations
Stereo power amplification
It's louder than life, but it doesn't stand a show
Against my Dad's transistor radio
Against my Dad's transistor radio