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Summer Doesn't Have a Reason

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Got my coffee can of crawlers
How'd you like some yellow perch?
Got my tackle box and bobbers
We'll be home in time for church
So roll your dress up to your knees
Leave behind your Sunday shoes
Dance around this brook just as
graceful as you please
What's a city girl got to lose?

Summer doesn't have a reason
Summer doesn't tell you why
You can't analyze the season
It's a secret you can't buy
Summer doesn't tell you why

Somewhere the cars and trucks are fighting
Down that dark and lonesome freeway
But while the fish and flies are biting
That all seems so far away

How you wound up swimming, no one knows
Something must have happened to your feet
Check the trunk, you'll find a change of clothes
And there's a blanket on the seat
Kind of like a picnic on the seat

I guess this looks a bit suspicious
Kinda like I had it planned
Eating out and chasing fishes on a Sunday
I think the Lord would understand