1. Too Hot

From the recording Lost & Found

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Too Hot

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It's too hot to work, too hot to think
Too hot for everything
Excepting just to lie around and stink
It would be fine, it would be nice
If we could slip into our swimsuits
Fill the cooler full of ice
Pack some kind of a picnic
With a blanket and a bottle of wine
Drive off into the country together
Find a shady tree for spending some time in one spot
Cuz it's hot

It's too hot to eat, too hot to stand
Too hot for packing up that picnic
In the way we might have planned
I'm getting nasty, getting mean
My head's been pounding
Since it got too hot for drinking my caffeine
So I'm looking for some kind of transfusion
To get the coffee level up in my blood
Until you find a suitable French Roast donor
I'll be chilling with the pigs in the mud
'til it's not quite so very hot

It's too hot to read, too hot to sleep
Too hot for counting scratchy woolen
Knitted-sweater wearing sheep
Too hot for sheets, too hot for clothes
Baby stop me when you see
How far this logically goes
Slide on over beside me
And we'll break this fever tonight
Fighting fire with fire
It might just work and it might just not
If it's too hot