1. Andy's Wedding

From the recording Lost & Found

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Andy's Wedding

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The rain came but the sunlight stayed
So we were hiding from the raindrops in the shade
And the string quartet still got paid
Though we made jokes about the sour notes they played
And the world was like a knock upon the door
So distant and insistent and so easy to ignore
And the best man's toast was made
And an orchard full of champagne glasses prayed
At Andy's wedding

Then the dance began and the bridesmaids grinned
And the groomsmen got ambitious in their gin
And the same requests kept pouring in
Til the DJ got the vinyl out and he began to spin
Tunes from 1954
And we hopped and bopped to the lemon drop and scuffled up the floor
From the dearest friends to the furthest kin
We were singing, we were soaking to the skin
At Andy's wedding

You said it didn't matter that it didn't match the pattern of your dreams
Noone could have planned it, cuz noone understands
It just comes rushing in and busting out the seams

Then the night was done and the guests were fried
The cummerbunds undone and the ties untied
The bride and groom disappeared inside
We were standing on the porch waiting for a ride
It was all the best of what's in store
A reunion and a union
Nothing less and something more
And we had to laugh with a kind of pride
That we'd been drinking drinks with the father of the bride
At Andy's wedding