1. 451

From the recording Lost & Found

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451 -- it's bright and it's clean
451 is a shining machine
it's the color of smiles
an immortal old style
451 -- it's a happiness tree
451 is a conscience for free
it's a place in the sun
it's a terminal fun

when your ironclad pretenses rust
if you think you've been thinking too much
don't waste your time, get right in line
for a share of the american pie
cross your heart and cover your eyes
here's a sample free, pal, the drink's on me
raise your hand raise your flag raise a torch
and set us free

451 is dehydrated truth
451 is for the good of the youth
it's the closing of eyes
it's accepting the lies
451 is a tourniquet cure
451 -- so righteous and pure
it's a life under glass
it's a brave new past

it starts out so harmless, you know
when the school board says twain's got to go
it's for the kids, the trash is hid
but once that lesson itself has been learned
it gets easier and easier to burn
when you know you're right, you'll heat the night
to the temperature knowledge ignites: 451
Fahrenheit 451