1. Lost and Found

From the recording Lost & Found

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Lost and Found

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How did we get here?
Only God and Rand McNally know for sure
Still, the sunlight through the trees is kind
And the pull of what we've left behind
Is weaker than the tug of what's in store
So here we are
Hook the dog and park the car

We're lost and found
Sick to death of digging through
The same old worn-down tired-out ground
We're lost and found
So we hop in our escape pod
And we aim toward sunset
Until we run aground
Then you couldn't find our troubles with a hound
We're lost and found

You're my compass and sextant
And I'll follow you from now until the end
Because even when the road is strange
It feels like every coming change
Is welcome as a childhood friend
And they say that it's God's will
That nothing should be still