1. So Far So Good

From the recording Watch the Fall

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So Far So Good

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So Far So Good

down the rocks now watch your feet
it's easy to fall
and the waves would love to take you for their own
take my hand and come with me
to welcome it all
tell me why is coming here like going home?
it’s been forever since we’ve been away together
and it's always now or never,
you can't wait for perfect weather so let's go

so far so good
this is better than it ever should have been
so far so good
i close my eyes, hold my breath and count to ten
knock on wood, but not too hard
I say so far, so good

they dance like pipers in the sand
those daughters of mine
and they're each the best of us rolled into one
they bring sea glass in their hands
see how they shine
there's magic in the way they catch the sun
there's no knowing, just hold on and watch 'em growing
and it seems to me they're showing us
the way that we've been going and it's


see our footprints in the sand
they wander and wind
from the dune grass right on down into the sea
there's no trace of any plan
no reason or rhyme
just the story that you walked awhile with me
it's displaying that we've come a good long way
and when we've both gone old and gray
we'll still be out here playing, saying:

chorus X2