1. Now Forever

From the recording Watch the Fall

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Now Forever

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Now Forever

Do you mind if I stare
While you let down your hair?
Just stand right there for awhile.
Where’s the fire, what’s the rush?
It won’t be now forever.

And I know that it’s late
And the morning won’t wait
There’s so much on your plate these days.
But the kids are in bed
‘Nuff said
It won’t be now forever

And I know I don’t know and I see I can’t see
The forest for the trees
You might say I don’t say all the things I might say
But please

Won’t you give me a sign
You’ve been reading my mind
You’ve been doing it fine for so long
Oh my love, Oh my friend
Let’s pretend
That we’ve got nothing but time
It won’t be now forever