1. Talk to Me

From the recording Watch the Fall

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Talk to Me

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Talk to Me

That old familiar sucker punch has flattened you again,
Blindsided by the find winding line dividing enemy and friend.
There’s no olly olly oxen free, there’s no magical undo,
You can’t go around or under, it’s not fun, you’ve gotta somehow blunder through.
Sometimes you stumble backwards to get free.
When you lose your faith in second chances, come talk to me.

Because it’s time for resolutions, it’s time for planning plans,
You don’t need more confrontation, just a place with a foundation you can stand.
You’ve gotta leave the past behind you, change the channel on that dial.
When you’re history’s a hornet’s nest it’s best if you stop kicking for awhile.
The way it’s always been it doesn’t have to be.
When it’s time to pour the poison out for good, come talk to me.

You tell me it’s your special kind of genius
To always take the bad and make it worse.
I say when it works out in the end
The victory is sweeter for how hard it was at first.

Those devils in your details, they’ve got the angels on the run,
And there’s no one to explain away the pain or shame the blame for what’s been done.
But there’s a ladder in this labyrinth and you can look up above the walls
And when the crooked path that got you here is clear it won’t seem hard to steer at all.
You got so turned around that you can’t see,
But I know your north is true and I can prove it if you’ll talk to me.
Yes I know your north is true and I can prove it if you’ll talk to me.