1. Let It Go

From the recording Blackberry Time

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Let It Go

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It's stuck in your head
It's under your skin
And the more you rail
and the more you shout
To work it though and work it out
The more you work it in

I know, I know
It hurts you so
Just let it go

It's more than you can carry
When it's all that you can do
Just to bite your nails down to the fists
And rattle off your favorite lists
Of all the nastiness that's been done to you


You could spend your whole life
telling the story
Of how the world's been so unfair
But how's that going to change
your situation
And who's gonna care?

Holding on to anger
I sure do understand
But it's caught you there
in a monkey trap
And you'll never get your freedom back
Until you open up your hand