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The Men Behind the Bushes

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Do you see what I see?
Up there on the right
Smiling like a cat and sliding out of sight
They've got Reagan's Teflon
And Richard Nixon's soul
They're slippery as oil
Mean as gasoline
Black as Christmas coal
Go hopping down the money trail
You find it always leads
To the Men Behind the Bushes¦
Can't you smell the greed?

They've solved the problem
Of seeming too unkind
Use Jesus as a body shield
As you rob the country blind
Keep it simple, let's focus on the war
While the riptide of arrogance and influence
Drags the living wage offshore
You can close your eyes and tell yourself
They're looking out for you
But the Men Behind the Bushes¦
Know that that's not true

Look me in the eye, tell me it's all right
And what we see is what we get
Can't you see the cretin king?
Can't you see the master's strings?
Can you see the puppeteer yet?

It's a whirlpool, anyone could drown
When the paranoia sucks you in
And pulls you down
You feel the outrage fading into numb
When you realize it only makes more sense
The more cynical you become
You can close your eyes and tell yourself
There's really no one there
But the Men Behind the Bushes¦
Have got me scared