1. Leave Him

From the recording Blackberry Time

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Leave Him

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In the front seat of her Subaru
In the middle of the night
Talking through our histories
All our mysteries casting Rorschach shadows
In the sodium light

On a good day she would tell me
We should think about goodbye
But the bad days were the best days
When she held me close
Counting on my fingers all the reasons
she would try

To leave him, leave him
Leave him, leave Him for me

The press of skin between us
Never measured half as much
As the great unwinding intertwining
Where two lives really touch

Her solitary marriage
It is the saddest think I know
He was the strong and silent
not quite violent type
Who never gave a good enough
excuse for her to go

I never woke beside her
My heart beneath her head
I never spoke to chide her
And I never said to leave