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What Ever Happened to Rob

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Everyone wishes we had his new phone number
John did the math it's been more than a year
Since Rob graced our presence
And made an appearance
At this living-room soiree
It feels like he just disappeared

Nobody noticed the signs he was leaving
No one remembers who stopped calling who
Now it seems clear
After Rob cut his hair
He was just marking time
Till he worked up the courage to do what he had to

Maybe it's best,
maybe we all could use some change
A moment to rest,
the freedom to breathe and rearrange
Maybe he met someone, got a new girlfriend
A new place to live, a new job
Nobody here has any idea
What ever happened to Rob

Somebody read it or saw it on Oprah
That every five years we start over again
It seems like a shame
But there's no one to blame
So let's lift up a glass
To the further adventures of faraway friends

Karl whittled down almost two-hundred pounds
and he turned his attention to Jesus
Ken's back in school with Foucault and Camus
and he's writing his doctoral thesis
Kathy and Stew got a family brewing and Dave
took that high-powered job
But nobody here has any idea
What ever happened to Rob
We don't want to guilt him,
just want to get filled in
About what ever happened to Rob