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Pour Me a Guinness

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Pour Me A Guinness
(c)2019 Jud Caswell (Alderdown Songs, ASCAP)

Poor Mike McGuire got drier and drier
As he sat and he stared at the beer in his hands.
I pulled up a chair and I asked him his troubles,
He said you never have seen such a fool of a man.

For I went to the bar with this pint glass for filling,
Old Patrick he asked me, is it more of the same?
And it must be the Devil was up on my shoulder
For I ordered this Budweiser, much to my shame.

Now it's pour me a Guinness.
Never a bitter, a brown or a red.
If ever I order a pale or a porter
Promise me, Patrick, you'll do as I’ve said
And pour me a Guinness instead.

The Germans are proud of their precious Octobers,
The Dutch have their Heineys, the Chinese their Tsing,
But it's enough to drive any good Irishman sober
This beer the Americans crowned as their king.


Now your black and tan lover's a man of half measure
For half of his beer is as clear as his glass.
He says it's half full, but I see it's half empty
And it just barely covers his pale English Bass.


For Guinness is smooth as a shopkeeper’s daughter,
Sweeter than midnight and blacker than sin,
And if I can just finish this tankard of water
I never will stray from my Guinness again